Real oysters are wild oysters and they need our protection and stewardship. Oysters are nature’s pearl. Their fate is ours and we need to work in harmony with nature to ensure that our physical environment is sustainable. Too much detriment has already taken place. Not all aquaculture is sustainable either and risks posed by hatcheries and seed production cannot be underestimated in the longterm. This is really about man’s relationship with nature, observed through the prism of oyster cultivation, its history and our attachment to these extraordinary molluscs.

And what about me?

Well me is Nigel Moore, aka ostreology on Twitter, and in other sundry circumstances.

When I’m not trying to fathom out the world of the oyster, on dry land I work in a  completely different professional field (not literally!), here in Stockholm, after having escaped the tentacles of English society a few decades ago.

Should really have been an archaeologist, after studies in Latin and Greek and excavating Roman and Bronze Age sites, but psychology and psychoanalytic ideas got the better of me, although I have managed to write some articles on prehistoric topics (in Swedish).

Anyway, now I want to write a book about, er – oysters, a history of their cultivation – when some semblance of tranquillity can filter through into my mind and….if I can refrain from playing my beloved piano!


My email is nigel@theoystersmyworld.com

and follow me on Twitter @ostreology

7 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Nice work Nigel!

  2. Hi Nigel!
    I am so happy to come upon The Oyster’s My World and Ostreology.
    I have really been enjoying your writing, so much juicy stuff here!
    Really looking forward to further reading and the Book too!

  3. I don’t think so this time, as I’d love to go north to Vancouver Island. That is where I really got turned on to oysters. But yes I’ll be over another time!

  4. Polina Baars said:

    Dear Nigel, I have just finished watching The Taste of Desire and right after went looking for your book. Found the YouTube program wihere you share your oyster expertise, which I have spared as a luxarious treat for myself to watch. Thank you for the joy I have listening to your passionate story. All the best and good kind health to you.

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